Safari / Pith Helmets

A safari hat takes many forms but the most well-known is the Pith Helmet. Safari Pith Helmets were made famous in the 1800's by British troops who wore them in arid and tropical locations around the world. We also focus on a safari hat crown shape and make it in a variety of materials. This is a very popular hybrid style hat for us and will serve you well on any adventure. Choose the right hat material in this great style for your next journey.
Black Creek Safari Hemp Hat
$160.00 AUD
Jackeroo Crushable Wool Hat
$170.00 AUD
Mountain Trail Waxed Cotton Hat
$160.00 AUD
Pith Helmet On You Toyo Hat
$150.00 AUD
Boulder Beach Hiking Hat
$155.00 AUD
Sahara Aussie Cotton Slouch Hat
$150.00 AUD
Brays Beach Sun Hat
$155.00 AUD
Banjo Paterson Wool Hat
$170.00 AUD
Nathan Hemp Mesh Hiker Hat
$155.00 AUD
Montego Bay Raffia Hat
$165.00 AUD
Cool Air Hiker Hat
$152.00 AUD
Black Diamond Wool Hat
$170.00 AUD
Wide Open Spaces Outdoor Hat
$175.00 AUD
Jensen Panama Straw Hat
$155.00 AUD

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Wool Safari Hat

Most of our wool comes from Australia and some from New Zealand and South Africa. Many styles are waterproof, crushable and provide excellent sun protection, making it an awesome material to craft safari hats.

  • Banjo Paterson Wool Hat
  • Black Diamond Wool Hat
  • Conner Hats Outback Hats Black / Small Jackeroo Crushable Wool Hat
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    Cotton Safari Hat

    There are three different materials that we use cotton to make our Safari Hats. First is just pure Organic Cotton. It makes sense to use organic cotton in our hats wherever possible and this is why: it’s safer for farmers and supports a sustainable system. Waxed Cotton and Weathered Cotton Safari Hats both provide great protection from the rain.

  • Conner Hats Outback Hats Brown / Small Indy Jones Mens Water Resistant Cotton Hat
  • Conner Hats Outback Hats Brown / Small Mountain Trail Waxed Cotton Hat
  • Conner Hats Outback Hats Khaki / Small Sahara Aussie Cotton Slouch Hat
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    Straw Safari Hat

    Our Straw Safari Hats use either Organic Raffia or 100% Recycled Paper. Raffia palm leaves are the longest leaves in the plant kingdom. The leaves are cut without harming the plant so they regrow which makes Raffia a renewable resource and an excellent source to produce straw Safari / Pith Helmets.

    Our 100% Recycled Paper Straw Hats are coated with a non-toxic resin to keep them water resistant and strong. The thin strips of material are made by a machine but then each hat is braided into a new hat by skilled craftsmen and women.

  • Conner Hats Natural / Small/Medium Boulder Beach Hiking Hat
  • Conner Hats Beach Hats Natural / Small/Medium Brays Beach Sun Hat
  • Conner Hats Safari Hats White / Small/Medium Jensen Panama Straw Hat
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    Pith Helmet

    Pith helmets date as far back as the 1840's and became popular with the military in Europe's tropical colonies. Features a comfortable terry inner size adjustment and brass eyelets. Very durable. Personally I think Pith helmets have a silly name, but will still wear one proudly when the time arrives.

  • Conner Hats Safari Hats Natural / One Size Pith Helmet On You Toyo Hat
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