Leather Hats

Leather is an excellent hat material because it breathes and is extremely durable. A good leather hat will last you for decades. When you consider the time you will own one of these amazing styles verses the cost, it is probably the best value of any hat material.
Down Under Leather Hat
$155.00 AUD
Lone Wolf Crushable Leather Hat
$160.00 AUD
Buffalo Nickel Leather Hat
$160.00 AUD
High Sierra Shapeable Leather Hat
$160.00 AUD
Kangaroo Crossing Buffalo Hide Hat
$155.00 AUD

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Variety of Leather Hats

When you put on a leather hat, you are liable to turn other people’s heads. Not only does leather grab the attention of others, but this material was made to be a durable part of your ensemble. Aside from the mesh crown options, leather allows us to make waterproof hats that are also UPF 50+. The customization of a shapeable brim is not a bad touch either.

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