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Browse every collection on our site, ranging from hats categorized by activity to style.

The original Baseball Cap was made famous by the Brooklyn Excelsiors who first wore a version of the six panel cap in 1860. Before it was known as the “Baseball cap” it was called the Brooklyn cap. The classic six panel cap is the most famous form of headwear today and the choices are limitless. Conner hats focuses on unique materials and all of our caps feature comfortable organic cotton inner bands. Our caps are made for people who appreciate a slightly different take on this classic style.

Having the good fortune to have grown up on the beach, Will Conner should know a thing or two about designing hats for the beach. A good beach hat should be able to get a little wet and a little crushed and still provide excellent sun protection.  Life happens and hats can get a little out of shape in the elements, but have no fear, check our hat care page and you should be able to have your hat back in good condition in no time.
The Pyrenees mountains divide Southern France and Northern Spain. The area is know as Basque country and is known as the birthplace of the Beret style hat. In this beautiful part of the world you will still see many local people wearing Berets. Our Berets are made from Australian Merino wool and provide insulation against heat and cold and offer some water resistance.
This collection of big sized hat styles comes in sizes up to XXXL. A big hat size means more brains and we have you covered with these excellent styles.

Bill Conner’s hats (BC Hats) are all hand made in Byron Bay, Australia. In 1969, he was the first to make an Australian leather hat with a shapeable brim. His iconic designs are known and loved worldwide.

Having fun in and on the water is part of the DNA of Conner Hats. This is why we designed these hats to keep you safe from the sun and glare. Some of them even float!
Bohemian mainstream fashion (Boho-Chic) draws from hippy styles with a strong influence from the late 60’s. Gypsy girls, folk style, and salty sun drenched hair. Perfect festival hats for the free thinking girl who doesn’t care for fashion but still wants to look good.
This iconic black bowler hat known in the USA as a derby hat was created in the mid-1800’s in Britain. It was made to solve the problem of top hats being too fragile and always getting knocked off by low hanging branches while on horseback.  The English bowler hat soon made its way across the pond and became the most popular style in the American West for the same reason, it didn’t blow off your head easily while riding fast of horseback.
The bucket hat, also known as a fisherman's hat or session hat, was originally worn by the Irish for rain protection while fishing and farming. They easily fold away when not in use which makes this hat a great traveling companion.
We use Australian made waterproof canvas and organic cotton canvas in many or our outdoor styled hats. This firm material is extremely durable and is gives excellent sun protection.
Our Cloche hats are made in the flattering bell-shaped design from premium Australian wool. This style first became popular in the 20’s and 30’s. We are big fans of the Flapper generation of women who wore the Cloche style hat, listened to Jazz and pushed the limits of what was thought to be acceptable behavior in their day, the roaring 20's.
Mesh hats are made from various materials and are generally used in the crown of the hat. They provide airflow to keep you cool.
To create the world’s first cruelty-free wool hat, we first had to go back to our supply chain and make sure we only use wool from farms in Australia that do not practice Mulesing, then track that specific wool from our distributor in China to our factory. Each shipment is certified Non-Mulesed wool and all parties, including the sheep, are very happy with the results. Mulesing is the removal of chunks of skin on the buttocks of the sheep to stop a disease called Flystrike. Over 20 million Merino lambs are Mulesed in Australia each year. Hopefully by educating people on this topic, Australia might consider the alternatives to this cruel practice. There isn’t really much of an increase in costs in the finished hat, it’s just a process that most manufacturers couldn’t be bothered to undertake or perhaps didn’t know existed. We encourage other hat manufacturers and wool users to consider a change. It took us approximately two years to sort out the details and luckily there are more and more Australian farms with a holistic approach to sheep farming so more non-Mulesed wool is available now. You can read more about cruelty-free wool from our friends at
What a history! Frank Sinatra, Indiana Jones, Hipsters, Johnny Depp, Gangsters and prohibition. Fedoras first became popular in the "Roaring 20’s". Looking back at photos of people from that time, I marvel at the sea of fedora hats in every shot. People wouldn't go outside without a hat in those days. Our fedoras are made from a wide variety of premium materials and they capture the romance of that extraordinary era. Send yourself back in time with the perfect fedora hat style for you.
Our Conner Kids fedora hats are unique designs with color and fun in mind. Measure your child’s hat size (take a look at our hat sizing link) some of the fedora’s listed here are specifically for kids but others could fit your kid if they take a size Small or Medium.
The Field cap is also known as the Cadet cap, Military cap, or Army cap. This cap is a unique take on a baseball cap. The distinguishing feature is the round crown and short brim and a flat top. We make them from organic cotton.
We like to think that your hat choice is more important than bait when fishing. Our selection will protect you from the harsh sun and keep you cool.
Our floppy hats are wide-brimmed women’s hat styles made from wool or different types of straw. These wide brimmed hats are perfect for hiding from the sun and the paparazzi. Excellent for a day at the beach or pool or hiding out at your favorite café.
Gambler hats are part western and part outback. They became popular in the days of riverboat casinos that moved up and down the Mississippi river. Their distinct oval crown and wide brim set them apart from other western hat styles. We make ours from soft Australian wool, Hemp and different types of straw. Not too stiff and very comfortable with a generous brim for maximum sun protection. Grab a deck of cards, a cigar or cool glass of lemonade and transport yourself back in time.
No need to be sunburned and fatigued after all of the digging and weeding is done. Relax and take the time to enjoy all of your hard work under one of our gardening hats.
To play your best you need to clear your mind but not your head. Stay focused and protected with our smart selection of golf hats. They provide excellent protection in all kinds of weather. We think they will improve your game.
This is the place you well find helpful  accessories to keep your hat fitting properly, clean, dry and looking good. Check back as we add products and information to keep your hat looking good.

Bill Conner created Australia’s original leather hat with a shapeable brim. All of his hats are still hand made in Byron Bay and are known worldwide as the original Australian Aussie leather hat.

We make high quality hats in America and are proud to offer a selection of western and crushable wool styles.


Your safety in the sun is paramount. All of our hat materials were tested by the Australian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA). This selection of men’s and women’s hats offers an excellent sun protection rating of 50+.
Hemp has been used by sailors for hundreds of years but it wasn’t until the 80’s that a new process was created to make hemp into material for textiles. We love the look and feel of this natural material and plan on expanding our hat styles made from Hemp in the near future.
Outdoor hiking hats need to provide excellent sun protection and durability while keeping you cool. We have designed a selection of hiking hat styles from functional materials that will keep you protected and looking good.
Leather is an excellent hat material because it breathes and is extremely durable. A good leather hat will last you for decades. When you consider the time you will own one of these amazing styles verses the cost, it is probably the best value of any hat material.
Linen is made from the Flax plant. We love its soft feel and texture. This fabric has a very rich feel. The lightweight and cool touch of this material is great for hats.
We design our men's hats with the idea that clean simple lines will work better and suit our customer's needs. Keeping things as simple as possible and paying attention to the fine details has served us well. We pay attention to function without sacrificing fashion.
This cap style has many names, Ivy cap, Gatsby cap, Driving cap and many more. In 1571 an act of parliament was created  that required all males over the age of six to wear a wool flat cap apparently  to stimulate wool consumption in England. This law didn’t apply to the upper class. So it was the working class who got to wear the cool caps and eventually its popularity spread across the world.
Oilskin cotton was originally used by sailors to keep out the wet weather. Today many garments including hats and caps are made from Oilskin and waxed cotton.
It makes sense to use organic cotton in our hats wherever possible and this is why: it’s safer for farmers and supports a sustainable system. It’s much better for the environment as there are no herbicides and pesticides used to produce it. We hope in the future other companies will also switch to organic cotton.
Raffia palm leaves can grow to over eighty feet long, the longest leaves in the plant kingdom. The leaves are cut without harming the plant so they regrow which makes Raffia a renewable resource. Raffia palms don’t require fertilizers or pesticides so it is organic. Raffia is an extremely durable material and is excellent for making hats. Our selection of straw hats, hats made from raffia, a renewable resource, provide great sun protection and style.
Australian outback hats were made famous by movies like Crocodile Dundee and The Man from Snowy River. This hat has a wide brim that dips down in the front and the back which gives excellent protection from the sun and rain. Australia is a country of harsh extremes and a hard wearing hat is necessary. Most of our outback hats are tough enough to fan the fire and water your horse with. Many of them are  handmade in Australia. 
Our men's travel hats are designed to be packed and don't require much effort to get back into perfect shape. They are ready for action once you arrive! We hope our hats will make your adventures more enjoyable. Many a good friendship has started with a hat compliment.
Our 100% recycled paper hats are coated with a non-toxic resin to keep them water resistant and strong. The thin strips of material are made by a machine but then each hat is braided into a new hat by skilled craftsmen and women. A Sewnbraid hat is first hand woven into strips and then sewn continuously to form the hat body and then steamed and blocked into a style. Many of our recycled paper hats are rated 50+ UPF and provide excellent sun protection.
We use 50 billion plastic bottles per year. That is crazy! Only 20% are recycled and the rest are thrown away filling up landfills and polluting our waterways. We want to help clean those up by turning a single use item into a more valuable beautiful product that you will get years of use from. The recycled material is strong, soft to the touch, waterproof, and light weight. It won’t shrink or fade and also dries very quickly. We hope you love your new recycled material hat!
This collection of styles was designed to travel with you to that romantic destination. Fine hand crocheted raffia and sewn braid materials make for elegant yet travel ready hats with excellent sun protection. Why not make that dream come true and take the first step towards excitement and adventure.  Relaxation is an artform and so are our handmade hats.
A safari shaped hat takes many forms but the most well-known is the Pith Helmet. Pith Helmets can be made from actual Pith which is soft spongy plant material but we use a coated paper called Toyo which is an excellent hat material. Pith Helmets were made famous in the 1800’s by British troops who wore them in arid and tropical locations around the world. We also focus on a safari hat crown shape and make it in a variety of materials. This is a very popular hybrid style hat for us and will serve you well on any adventure. Choose the right hat material in this great style for your next journey.
A safari hat takes many forms but the most well-known is the Pith Helmet. Safari Pith Helmets were made famous in the 1800's by British troops who wore them in arid and tropical locations around the world. We also focus on a safari hat crown shape and make it in a variety of materials. This is a very popular hybrid style hat for us and will serve you well on any adventure. Choose the right hat material in this great style for your next journey.
Steampunk fashion is inspired by 19th century steam powered machinery and Victorian era clothing. We focus on top hats with clock wheels, chains and fantasy lace but leave enough room for your own unique additions to our hats.
Our men's summer hat collection includes a large variety of materials designed to keep you cool and protected from the sun or afternoon shower.
Our women’s summer hats will keep you cool, protected and possibly inspire you to enjoy more time outdoors. We have designed a large range of women’s summer hats great for all kinds of outdoor activities.
Our surfing hats are made for small mellow longboard or fish days. Almost all of our UPF 50+ hats are great for the time you spend on and in the water and you might as well look good. Our advice is don’t drop in on anyone and be nice because you never know if they have a cute sister or brother.
The Top Hat conjures images of a bygone era of gentlemen in smoky rooms and world leaders building the foundations of first world countries. This bold style was first worn by the upper class in the late 1800’s and eventually was adopted by all classes of society. Today we consider it a fun hat but we are serious about our quality. We use a comfortable organic cotton inner band and gold satin linings. We style our top hats authentically but make them slightly softer for comfort. Times really have changed!
Protection from wet weather can be achieved by choosing a hat made from waterproof material with a good sized brim. We have personally tested all of our waterproof hats and are confident that they will keep you dry.
Weathered cotton is a blend of cotton and polyester. Hats made from weathered cotton are water resistant and look similar to oilskin and leather hats.
Do your bridesmaids or groomsmen need matching hats? Do you want the perfect hat for your tropical or adventurous honeymoon? Are you planning a themed wedding or in a quaint old town like St Augustine, Florida. Yes our warehouse is located in the wedding capital of America (the oldest city in America) so get in touch we can help you top off your perfect day!
The American Cowboy is recognized worldwide but not without his cowboy hat. Our selection of western hat shapes are designed for function first and they just happen to look good. We aim to craft the best women's cowboy hats and men's cowboy hats.
Conner Kids cowboy and cowgirl hats offer great sun protection and are sure to become your child's favorite hat. Great kids styles for western themed parties or everyday wearing. Don’t forget your hat!
Choosing the right winter hat for your favorite activity or profession is crucial as most of our heat escapes through the head. Our men’s winter hats are designed to keep you warm and comfortable in cold conditions but not extreme cold. We tend to design hats for ourselves and while some of these hats will work for a clear day snowboarding, we don’t suggest hiking the North Pole in our hats just yet. If you do, please send us a photo.
Our women's hat designs are created with the idea that being unique is everything. The finest details are considered and we strive to create styles that range from subtle to wild but always confident and complimentary.
Most of our wool comes from Australia and some from New Zealand and South Africa. Many styles are waterproof, crushable and provide excellent sun protection.